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2023-03-03 Honduras Mission Thanks

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Dear brother Chris Maritz.

Greetings to you and the LWF Assembly as well.

Praying for every one of You, AND our desire for You Is that God keep you healthy, Natural and Spiritual.

We Also like to thank you so much for your great effort You all has made to gave us the Financial and Spiritual Support, your prayers mean A Lot to us.

We understand that the missionary work It's not a duty for the missionary Man only, but it's to every Holy Ghost filled believer.

The Lord has been good to us hear, He allowed us to be In good health, he give the desire to go, AND the Holy spirit to watch over us in every missionary trip.

My wife and I we Are willing to do the work with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Last year we were blessed, seeing the Love of God bringing New souls into the Kingdom of God.

Lot Backslide people came back to the Word.

Many many believers received divine healing.

And Lot believers received the baptism of the Holy spirit in their Souls.

I feel so privileged by being able to serve the Bride of Jesus Christ.

I thank the Lord for you all.

We like to said to all of you.

God bless you, thank you a Lot.

Your brother in Christ.

José Francisco Calix Díaz.

My wife: María Suyapa Calix.

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