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2023 - 12 Honduras Ministers Meetings

Updated: Feb 29

Bro. Paco did his first Ministers Meeting in the Honduras jungle areas and it was a great blessing to all that attended.   He also visited a number of churches and believers while he was there.

From Bro. Paco:

Dear Brother Chris and brother Steve.

Greetings to both of you in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

By Gods Grace we returned back home, tuesday night december 26.

We want to said that are so thankful with the Pastor and LWF Assembly for the great great support you all have been giving to the Missionary Work here in Honduras and Nicaragua.

We did have a very successful trip, we had a ministers meeting the first time in the Jungle, the Lord really blessed us with the teaching of the word about the different calls in the ministry, the believers were very blessed to receive the WORD.

This time I had a new brother coming with us, brother Eli Acosta who came with us for one Week.

Brother Emi Toro, is a brother who have a gift to teach the Word, He was a blessing and a great support for the ministers meeting.

The ministres meeting were from tuesday night until friday night.

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