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2023-08 Honduras Trip to the Puerto Lempira Area

Dear brother Pastor Chris Maritz, Brother Steve and LWF Assembly in general.

My Wife and I are sending special greetings to all of you in the wonderful name of Our Lord and Saviour JesusChrist. We want to inform you that by God´s grace we are Back in Home after two weeks of Missionary Work in Puerto Lempira and four more communities around it.

We want to express Our Thankfulness to all of you, especially to the Pastor Chris Maritz, for all the effort you all has been doing to support in every way the missionary work in this area of Central America. I want to say that you as an Assembly of Believers has been great, big , wonderful Support for Us.

Your Brother in Christ: Jose Francisco Calix Diaz. ( Brother Paco) and Sister Suyapa Calix. my Wife

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