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Voting Details

The Vote will begin Sunday 29th at 9:45am and close at 10:15am. Then open again after the service and close after the last person leaves and the church doors close.

It is very important that every eligible person votes. We have to meet a 2/3 quorum. 

1- Have regularly attended the church "Living Word Fellowship" for a minimum of 6 months;
2- Regularly pay tithes to Living Word Fellowship;
3- Has reached the age of 18;
4- Has been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ;

Voting Procedure:
For each ballot you will have a yes or no box to fill in. So if you have confidence in the brother for that office, check the yes box. If you do not, check the no box. If the ballot is completely empty, it will be treated as an abstain vote and will not count. So to reiterate, if you want to vote, please make sure you check all the yes or no boxes on the ballot. If there is nothing on the ballot at all, it will be an abstain vote. Remember, On the trustee and deacon ballots, multiple names are listed on the ballots. If you vote yes or no for one name and leave the rest blank, it will count as a no for the rest of those names. Please take the time to fill them out prayerfully, completely and correctly. 

Proxy (in case you cannot be there):

If someone is absent that would like to vote, that person can vote via Proxy. Meaning they can nominate anyone they like, if they are eligible, to vote in their stead. However, the person that is absent, needs to provide an email or text message or letter signed by them authorizing a person that is eligible to vote, to vote in their place. It needs to say something along the lines of, “I authorize so and so to vote for me via proxy as I am not able to be here for the vote.” Then that letter, text or email needs to be shown to the trustees at the table and they will verify that that person can fill in the ballots of the person who is not present. This can be presented to the trustees when you pick up your ballots.

Offices that will be voted on:
Pastor = Bro. Chris M
Assistant Minister = Bro. Abe P

Sunday School Superintendent = Bro. Terry T

Bro. Cedomir L
Bro. David W
Bro. Blair W
Bro. Jim D
Bro. Sam D
Bro. Jarred H

Bro. Don D
Bro. Markus Z
Bro. Chris G
Bro. Sean M


LWF Expense form-

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