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2023 - 11 Another Honduras Patuca River Visit

Below is the Report Provided by Bro. Paco

Patuca River Missionary Report.

Date: Thursday November 2, - Friday November 10.

Missionaries: José Francisco Calix Díaz and my wife Sayapa Calix.

Places visited:

Gosen, the Church without Shepherd

AND Arenas Blancas, the pastor Is Brother Carmen Castillo.

the two churches were happy that we were able to come to put our shoulder together with them.

They was longing for spiritual Support, being that they live so far away, not ministers come to visit them.

They were hungry AND thirsty for a spiritual revival.

God gave us the privilege to pray for the sick, and some of the believers wanted the Baptism of the Holy spirit in their souls. Some others came to renew their vows with the Lord.

I Also baptized 12 tenagers twelve years old. God gave me a great reward by Seing the Young kids coming to make decisions to serve the Lord. We had pretty bad wheather, but we still were able to do the work. The Patuca River was flooded. But we always enjoy to accomplish what the Lord has call as to do. Once more we like to said that we do appreciate your great heart to support the missionary work in this very difficult áreas , financialy speacking.

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