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And He Said Unto Them,Go Ye Into All The World, and Preach The Gospel to Every Creature.   Mark 16:15

May we live till the Coming of the Lord, if it be possible. May we do everything that's in our power, with love and understanding, understanding that God is searching the world, today, finding every lost sheep. And may we talk to them with seasoned prayer of love and the Word of God, that we might find that last one, so we can go Home, and get out of this old Eden of Satan here, Lord.
65-0829 - Satan's Eden
- Rev. William Marrion Branham

Mission Priorities and Focus

  • Local Mission Outreach

  • Supporting Missionaries Throughout the World

  • Providing Bibles and Message Books to Believers Wherever They Are Needed

  • Helping to Build Churches

  • Providing Humanitarian Support (Food, Shelter etc.) to Believers in Need


Tanzania Mission Trip

Services in Leguruki

While Bro. Chris was preaching about walking through the storm, a great storm came up out of a beautiful sunny day and vindicated what was being preached to the believers in Leguruki!

Tanzania Mission Trip

Services in Arusha

At the end of the Friday night service Bro. Chris made the statement "If you have a need you can pray for it right now and God can answer it before you even get home."  The next day we received a note that a sister in the service had prayed for a family member that had been paralyzed since birth, and that person was walking when she arrived home.

Honduras Mission Trip

Children Baptism.jpg

Bro. Paco just returned from a mission trip where he had the privilege of baptizing 12 children.  An incredible testimony and blessing?

Children Baptism 2.jpg
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