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And He Said Unto Them,Go Ye Into All The World, and Preach The Gospel to Every Creature.   Mark 16:15

   Current Mission Projects

  • Message Books Printing in India

  • Message Books Printing in Africa

  • Bible Purchase & Distribution in India

  • Bible Purchase & Distribution in Africa

  • Honduras Missionary Support

  • Ecuador Church Building Support

  • African Missionary Support

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  Mission Priorities & Focus

  • Local Mission Outreach

  • Supporting Missionaries Throughout the World

  • Providing Bibles and Message Books to Believers Wherever They Are Needed

  • Helping to Build Churches

  • Providing Humanitarian Support (Food, Shelter etc.) to Believers in Need

May we live till the Coming of the Lord, if it be possible. May we do everything that's in our power, with love and understanding, understanding that God is searching the world, today, finding every lost sheep. And may we talk to them with seasoned prayer of love and the Word of God, that we might find that last one, so we can go Home, and get out of this old Eden of Satan here, Lord.
65-0829 - Satan's Eden  - Rev. William Marrion Branham


Honduras Mission Trip

Honduras March 3.jpg

From Brother Paco

 During the night services the Lord gave us Evangelistic sermons.  The Lord saved 4 souls and a father and  daughter were baptized.  We had a great time with the ministers teaching them about the ministry and the responsibilities that go with it.

Honduras March 7.jpg


Egypt 1.jpg

Bro. Jason Demars recently returned from a mission trip to Egypt.  He was able to see the distribution of the Arabic message books that we printed for him and minister to the people there.  They are hungering for the truth and are in need of our prayers as they navigate their lives in a Muslim country.

Egypt 5.jpg


Uganda Church Roof 9.jpg

From Bro. Jimmy Obbo

We are happy to inform you that we finished roofing our church in Nazigo as you can see in the pictures.  We shall always keep you in our prayers. Greetings to all the saints.

Uganda Church Roof 5.jpg
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