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"David. He wrote one time in the Psalms; he said, I believe the 47th Psalm, he said, "As the hart thirsts for the water brook, so my soul thirsts after thee, O God." Oh, when I think of that, David being a woodsman. And I been through that part of the country; you find out a lot of times there's a lot of deers that roam. The hart is a deer. And if you watch nature you'll see God. And they'll have wild dogs in that country. And they eat the deer. They would come in packs. And they overtake the deers. And one of the things they do is cut the little, what we call hamstring in the back, the leaders. And just cut out a whole pack. Then they can't run. Those dogs will eat as much as they can; then the others can't pull away very much. And then they're easier prey then to run right back and get them.

That's the way the devil does. He will cut you off from prayer meetings. He's done cut the hamstrings right then. You'll pull around from this church to that, and you'll run from here to there, but any time the devil wants to gobble you up, he's got you under his control. When he cuts your prayer life, brother, you're gone. That's right. When he cuts that thirst off of you and perverts it into the things of the world, he's got you where he wants you. He will let you gobble along here till you get to a certain place then crash your life out without God right there. Sure he will."     William Branham