2018-12 Honduras Mission Report

Updated: Apr 18





I want to express few Words of Gratitude to my Lord Jesus Christ

For allowed me to work for his kingdom, even dough that I don´t feel worthy of such great privilege, to go into all the world, and preach the góspel to every creature.

And I also want to give my words of gratitude, to the saints who have the privilege to be part of the work of the Lord, praying and giving financial support to accomplish the missionary work.

The following information it will give you an Idea of what the Lord allowed us to accomplish.

Saturday December 1.

I arrived in Puerto Lempira.

At six o´clock pm we started the missionary work, in brother Hitler Bacaro´s house, in one of the neighborehood of Puerto Lempira.

Two people gave their heart to the Lord, and four more people came to the altar for prayer, we also prayed for the sick.

This brother Hitler it is not the teacher of Baykan.

Sunday December 2, 2018

9:30 am

Service in Puerto Lempira Tabernacle teaching of the Word.

Puerto Lempira Tabernacle

I dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ Brother Blachouse´s little boy, and brother Henrry´s little girl.

At 1:00 pm we went to the lake to baptize one fourteen years old girl.

At 3:00 pm we were invited to visit a family where they have one 26 years old girld infected with AIDS, and I had the privilege to guide the sick sister to the Lord and we prayed for her.

At 6:00 pm we had the night service in the Tabernacle.

Evangelistic service, two people stood up to receibe the Lord JesusChrist and two more asked us for prayer.

Sunday december 2 after church we Baptized this young sister on blue top.

Monday December 3, 2018.

Brother Blackhouse were sick, he got a infection in his right foot, but we asked lot people for prayer and the Lord healed him.

We wait two days for his recuperation.

Tuesday December 4, 2018

We had a service in Puerto Lempira Tabernacle, the Lord blessed us with a great fellowship arround the Word Of God.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

We started our missionary trip into the Jungle, to the community of TIKIRAYA,

FOURTEEN HOURS traveling through the river to get to Tikiraya.

Traveling from Puerto Lempira To Tikiraya, through Carataska Lake and Cruta River, 14 hour trip.

Using brother Hitler´s engine 15 HP. and a small boat.

Thursday, Dcember 6, 2018

The reazon we came to Tikiraya it´s because 6 month ago we baptized Brother Pablito his wife and a 17 years old daughter in Puerto Lempira, He is from Tikiraya but he moved to Puerto Lempira for work, he used to be Baptist preacher in Tikiraya.

And brother Pablito want his family and the whole community in Tikiraya to get to hear the message.