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2023-03-08 Uganda Mission Thanks

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Dear pastor Chris,

Christian greetings to you and to all the Saints of Living Word Fellowship with a word from : Psalms 119:72

[72]The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.

Well done in the services of the Lord and God bless you and the Saints of your church for all your untiring efforts, Sacrifice and labors of love for the kingdom of God.

We thank you so much once again for your ministry which has been a real blessing to many Saints in Uganda through providing the Body of Jesus Christ with Bibles in our local language.

The bibles has been of a real blessings to the Saints in Uganda and of a great help to help the Bride of Jesus Christ to grow daily in the word of God and in the Love of God and becoming one with the word of God for the soon Home going!

Before your ministry here in Uganda, we had the message books available in book form, tapes, ebooks etc but there was no bibles to read among the poor Saints here. Only a pastor could have a Bible in a church . But now through your support many churches here has got bibles. God bless you and your church for your love, kind heart and for the bible support. Keep up.

This year we started with the new converts and we have given them bibles. We still have a need of 1400 more bibles in Luganda for them needed.

I send many appreciations from many Saints of this side. Daily praying for your ministry and all the Saints of living word fellowship Canada. May our God bless you richly all there and keep you all always in good health.

Greetings to all the Saints with you there. For sure you mean a lot to body of of Jesus Christ in this way.

God bless

Your brother in Christ

Brother Swaga Moses


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