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2023-01 Uganda Mission Report

Dear pastor Chris Maritz,

Christian greetings to you and to all the saints of Living Word Fellowship Canada with a word from: Revelation 3:11.

We certainly want to appreciate you and the all the saints of your church so much for the 1500 Luganda bibles that you have bought for the new converts in the message in Uganda we have received them from Uganda bible society as in the attached pictures.

May our God bless you always richly and all the saints of your church so much and may the Lord keep watering you all daily with riches according to His unfailing word of promise from: proverbs 11:25. Thanks once again for thinking and loving the saints in Uganda and for that great sacrifice.

We appreciate it from the depth of our hearts. Only Eternity will tell how the we appreciate you and your church as said the prophet of God :

"We appreciate it from the depths of our heart. Only Eternity will tell how that we appreciate."

54-0404E - God Has A Provided Way Rev. William Marrion Branham

Since you started helping the saints here with both luganda and king James bibles, the bibles has been a real blessing to the Bride of Jesus christ here in Uganda. The body of Jesus christ is now growing daily in the word of God. Now many believers here through your support and help are able to read the Bibles daily as the prophet of God said:

"I love the Word. The Holy Spirit feeds on the Word of God. Christians should always read the Bible, for the Holy Spirit feeds…Its food is the Word of God. “Man shall not live by bread alone (Amen. There it is.), but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” That’s what the Christian lives on, the Word. And the Holy Spirit loves the Word, and He’s here tonight to receive the Word. And It’s in you. And as the Word comes forth, then the Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and reveals It." 50-0810 - Expectations Rev. William Marrion Branham

Greetings from many saints of this side. Praying always for your ministry and all the saints of living word fellowship.

God bless

Your brother in Christ

Brother Swaga Moses


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