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2023-01 Uganda Mission Need

Dear pastor Chris,

Christian greetings to you and all the saints of Living Word Fellowship Canada. May the richest blessings from our heavenly father always overshadow you and the saints with you.

Once again we thank you so much for the support of bibles among the churches here last year. May the Lord bless you and multiply all your resources and your cup always be full of riches.

At the beginning of this new year, there is a need of Luganda bibles for many new converts that has come in . As you can see here in some pictures, they have no bibles and yet they need to know the word ,read and grow in the word. We have the message books available but more bibles are needed still more.

If the Lord will give you and the saints of living word fellowship the ability this new year, we request for 1500 Luganda bibles to help the new converts or new believers to have bibles also. Last year I first considered the old churches to have bibles and since they are many churches. But at the beginning of this year we will begin with new churches then after we go back to the old churches.

God bless you so much and the saints. This all I wanted to let you know. Thank you so much for always thinking of the body of Christ in many other countries more so Uganda .

Praying always for your ministry and church. Receive many greetings and appreciation the saints of this side.

God bless

By His grace

Brother Swaga Moses.

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