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2022-09 Uganda Mission Report

Dear pastor Chris,

Christian greetings to you and to all the saints of Living Word Fellowship. Well done in the services of the Lord.

This is to extend our appreciations to you and to all the saints of living word fellowship for the support of 1500 bibles (1200 Luganda bibles and 300 King James English bibles) that you have bought for the saints in Uganda. I have received them and already distributing them to the saints. We thank you so much and God bless you and your church always richly.

Thanks a lot once again for always thinking of the needs of the saints this way as said the prophet of God:

"If the next man is thirsty, you think about him, too. The next man’s need, you think about him the same as you would your own need. "

60-0925 - That Day On Calvary

Rev. William Marrion Branham

Greet all the saints there with you and praying for you all and ministry. Thanks once again for being a blessing to the body of Jesus Christ this way.

God bless

Brother Swaga Moses.

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