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2017 Mongolia Mission Report

Mission work in Mongolia

Dear Bro Chris

Greetings in the Name of the Lord

The work in Mongolia keeps going forward by his grace.

In May we baptized 8 souls and introduced some more to the Lord Jesus.

Bro Lukram from Nepal just visited them again in November this year and had good meetings. I believe some of the people are further anchored and more determined than ever before to go on with the word.

He also baptized 5 more people in Jesus Name. One was a young man who speaks some English and Russian. We are hoping he can help take the message to his people. We will also try to assist him in his travels to Mongolia. Bro Luke is also working very hard for Gods kingdom in Mongolia.

A lady who was translating" Invisible Union of the Bride" into Mongolian left her computer with a friend who took it to the pawn shop.

When she got it back the translation files were all wiped off and she has to start all over again. She had already spent many months on translating.

The translation is hitting many hurdles and we need to pray that God will break down the barriers so the people can read the message in their Mongolian language and grow. I read recently where Mongolia was one of the top 5 most difficult languages to translate.

" Recognizing Your Day and its Message " is almost finished proofreading now. We have been working on that message for over two years now.

Russia has recently clamped down on the message in that country and they say what happens in Russia soon will follow in Mongolia.

We Pray the Lord of the harvest will help us ground and anchor the people there so that when the door closes the work will already have a good hold in a few hearts.

We are trying to help our translater and her husband build a little home and mission/ bible study center where people can come, be encouraged and hear the word.

The family with 6 children live in a small one room Ger right now. The temperatures there are very cold right now(-45C), the same as Manitoba winters.

Many more people want to hear the word for this hour and we are praying for God to raise up a real solid Brother there and also that the translation work can move ahead faster.

Lord willing we plan to go back their again around May if things work out. We really should be going at least twice a year.

We are in contact with the people there weekly thru Messenger and email.

God Bless you and thank you for your prayers and support as we labor for his kingdom in that land

Bro Dan Fehr

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