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2024 - 02 Mission Trip to India

Updated: Apr 4

Bro. Chris and Bro. Chriswel  travelled to India on a mission trip and visited three cities in different parts of the country. They ministered in Hoshiapur in the North as well as Hyderabad and Piduguralla which were more in southern part of the country. There were great testimonies that took place including one of a Brother who came to a street meeting and was touched by God to stop his plans to take his own life, praise God!  Our God is so amazing and so powerful and is still working mightily in His people.  In addition to the many services and testimonies throughout the country, there was a minister's meeting and baptisms that took place along the way.  Praise the Lord! 

First Meeting.

Just recently dedicated this building to the Lord. Bro Chad Lamb did the dedication service.

Pastor Roshan

Second Set of Meetings

Street Service

Testimony - Brother was going to commit suicide and the Lord intervened during this service.

Ministers Meeting

Two Baptisms in a rock quarry.

Third Set of Meetings

Brother Chriswel leading songs.

Last Meeting

Brother Boaz and brother Samuel

List of Services

2024-02-18 Sunday

2024-02-20 Tuesday

2024-02-21am Wednesday

2024-02-21pm Wednesday

2024-02-22 Thursday Minister Meeting


2024-02-23am Friday

2024-02-23pm Friday

2024-02-24 Saturday

2024-02-25am Sunday

2024-02-25pm Sunday

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