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2023-10 Tanzania Mission Trip

In late October, Bro. Chris Maritz and Bro. Steve Fulkerson travelled to Tanzania to visit three churches in the Arusha Region of Tanzania. Bro. Elias Pallangyo is the Pastor of the Arusha church and has done a wonderful job of missionary work throughout the country of Tanzania. He has sponsored many local missionaries to travel to the remote areas of the country to minister The Gospel and teach about the Message of the Hour! Once a group of believers have been established, often a small church is built and a minister is called to Pastor that group. Bibles and Message books are provided and each of the churches is visited on a regular basis to provide encouragement and for the needs of the people wherever possible.

The first church we visited was in Leguruki, an area up in the Mountain area of Mt. Meru. It's a very small village that's not easy to get to but the church there has been growing steadily over the past 10 years.

The second church we visited was in Namanga, an area right on the southern border of Kenya. It's a very new church with a small number of believers who love the Lord.

The third church we visited was in the city of Arusha where our host Bro. Elias Pallangyo is the pastor. Bro. Chris preached 5 services over a weekend and we saw many blessings among the people,

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