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2023 -09 Bro. Burley Williams in Latvia and Lithuania

Bro. Burley Williams visited a couple of churches for a series of meetings in both Latvia and Lithuania.

God bless you Brother Steve. We had three wonderful services here. It’s very interesting. When I came here in January they just started renting a church from a denominational church. I preached the first meetings. Now the church no longer wants to let them rent from them and I preached the last meetings. It’s no Grievance between them they just don’t want to share their building anymore with them. It is a lot of pressure on them now to find another place. I was told that the services the Lord spoke to them was what was needed. I preached two services on “A call for soundness in a shaking time.” God woke me up at 4 in the morning and gave me the title! I am so amazed how he does things. I have a few photos to send. I will be leaving today to head to Lithuania. Shalom

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