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2023-06 Kenya Support of Food During Drought

We were able to help support believers in Kenya who were stricken with drought and needed food and schools supplies. We got this report from the Pastor in Kenya.

" Ndugu yangu Mpendwa Steve tafadhali pokea salamu zangu kutoka Kenya Katika Jina la yesu (My dear Brother Steve, please receive my greetings from Kenya in Jesus name) . Thank you so much for the generous financial gift to me and our people.

Yes I received the money this morning our Kenya time. My Bank has emailed me acknowledging that an inward swift wire/payment has been credited into my Bank Account for the amount of $1,000 US dollars .

Kindly accept /give my sincere heartfelt thanks/appreciation to our brothers and sisters in your Church family. And tell them we love them in the name of Jesus Christ. The money will enable us to meet some of our needs and keep us going for some time !

Thank you once again for standing with us in prayers and in deeds with your wonderful donation.

Blessings and Prayers to you all!

Shalom, Benard🙏🏽"

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