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2023-05 Malawi Support for Drought and Missions

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

There were 87 families of believers in Northern Malawi who needed food and supplies to help them plant gardens. The drought had left them without food and no crops until fall so this was a way they good rally together and grow vegetables to feed their families.

In addition, the believers in the remote small churches were witnessing to the local tribes people and have testimonies of healing and Baptisms!!

We received this testimony from Bro. Ausward Mbukwa!

“Good evening my precious elder how are you doing? The Mountain missionary team came back with good news that the chief who has been ill for 14 years got delivered from his sickness just with the preaching the word of God after his water baptism yesterday. The very chief and his wife came to see me in my office in town here In Karonga, Malawi. The wife of the chief testified how much her husband suffered in the past 14 years and that now is fully healed. She also gave herself to God and then the deacon took her to Lake Malawi to be Baptized.”

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