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2023-01 Cameroon Mission Report

The Need:

The strong pressure falling on us at this time, precarious situation and unable to obtain essential goods, such as food or essential needs items. despite our weak effforts, but are pulled between continuing the Mission to bring back souls and precarious situation. This is why, looking towards you, convinced that your help will shine a real hope, Dear Brother, we don't want to continue to live in extreme poverty and beg our bread, that is why we needs to your helps for realize that. God bless you and all the saints around you there Yours in His service, Brother Mark Ndungia

The Plan:

The work is still in the preliminary phase, We are preparing the Nurseries, young plants, we are busy straightening the land spaces that have been offered to us while waiting for us to find funding that allows us to add some hectares. N.B: We do not yet have enough resources for this work, but only, we are committed for the moment only by faith, believing that the Lord will help us to find the necessary financing for this work. We are currently trying to do it manually with our hands, and we hope that funding will allow us to acquire a few hectares and many more seeds to sow. For this moment we need $500 to obtain essential goods, such as food or essential needs items. And $1.200 to pay to obtain: -Necessary Agricultural Equipment and a large - Quantity of Seeds to Plant for the Agricultural program who are important for us here, please. it is a lasting solution to fully emerge from this famine and disaster, please. Considering the cost of buying Land Spaces (hectares), it is very expensive and we are not able to buy them at the moment, but we have planned that your financial assistance here that we have asked you, will allow us to have the *Materials Necessary for these works Agricultural and a *Large Quantity of Seeds to Plant*

So we plan that as we start production, we divide the income into three parts; 1. A Part for Consumption, 2. Another Part for Sales, And In the part that will be sold; *Half will be paid for the needs of the church (Since "the Order of the Church teaches us that the church is responsible for its own), and the other half of the sale will be paid for the *purchase of the 'Spaces of Land that we are cultivating in this agricultural program.

Here are some agricultural program images that we are making and are asking for your assistance to help us achieve our goal of producing foods to support our local consumption, because we need it badly at this time, please This is why your help is essential to us, please

Shalom ! Dear Brother Chris M. We are happy to inform you that we have just pick up in our Bank here, the money that you had sent us for our agricultural program. We sincerely thank you and appreciate your assistance. We will never forget this act of love you have done for us. May God richly bless you and reward you for all your assistance to us. our prayers are with you and all who are with you In His service, Brother Mark N.

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