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2022-04 India Mission

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Brother Varam and his team has been working hard to get all the Bibles distributed.

Here are some more pictures of the work.

"Dear brother Chris and the saints in the LWF family, greetings in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

It is my pleasure and great joy to share these testimonies with you. The Bibles you have sent is a great blessing for my people.

On the 24th of March, we collected them from the local Bible society of India Guntur office by the hired van with the help of our church brethren.

We started our distribution work on the 28th. First, we prayed and thanked the Lord.

We travelled to a place called Tharlupadu which is 200 km from my town, we met some of our end time ministers brethren and distributed to them. This is a countryside area. They are really need of it. When they received, they were so happy, and they thanked us.

And on 5th April, with some bundles of the Odia Bibles, went to Guntur city where we have train facility (Railway Mail Service) to be sent. It is another State, it's more than 1200 km far from my place, so I cannot travel with my car such long distance. So, I have decided to send them by train. They received them on 28th April, they’re so happy and thanked us. I am waiting for their pictures. Once I received them, I will send them to you.

And April 7th and 8th, we have travelled to the seashore area, a city called Kakinada which is 400 km from my place and there we distributed them to the ministers. Already I have uploaded some of these pictures to you.

And on April 11th some more Odia Bibles was sent to the state of Odia by Transport Corporation service of India, from Guntur City. And they have received them on 22nd of April. They were so happy and gave their warm greetings to you.

April 14th and 15th we travelled again to the coastal area and distributed to the ministers. This is also 300 km distance from my place.

Last week we went to a place called Ravulapalam, which is 350 km and there we distributed the bibles to some of the ministers. They really appreciated our work.

Also, we have distributed to our local and our surrounding ministering brethren.

Personally, I am blessed by this distribution, really it is a great experience for me. I am so happy and thank you very much my precious brother Chris and LWF family. May God richly bless you all."

- Brother Varam

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