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2022-02 Honduras Mission Report

This Note is addressed To Pastor Chris Maritz and LWF Assembly.

I like to let you all know How blessed we are here,

First, by being called by God to go and preach the Gospel to every creature.

Second, for the Holy Ghost who helped us to face every trial in our way.

And third, by the connection we have with you to Work together, putting our effort together to find the Last Elected one to enter in.

I have to confess that LWF has been a awesome blessing, with your prayers and financial Support I have been able to reach very deep places in the Jungle, to preach the Message to lot people who are bound in false doctrines and customs, and we know that not too many of them accept freedom, but at least they get to hear the Word.

Every new trip that I make it is a new experience and a new challenge to find the perfect will of God to know where to Go and when to go.

So far the Lord Has been very Good for us here by keeping us in good health and he has also placed in our hearts the desire to go...

God Bless You.

Tuesday February 1, 2022

We started our trip from Agua Blanca Sur, my house into Catacamas Olancho.

and Wednesday February 2, we started our trip into Patuca River and then into Gosen.

Wednesday February 02.

We started our trip from Catacamas, Olancho in Gosen.

The first part of this trip is in the back of a 4x4 pick up truck going through the mountains into Patuca River.

In Patuca River we change transportation to go down the River into Gosen.

on the back of this pick-up truck some time some time they put 16 or 18 adults plus little children.

In this photo we are at Patuca River in our boat.

Wednesday around two p m. We started our water ride into Gosen through Patuca River.

That was 8 hours in the back of the Pickup truck and 8 hours in the boat.

This time it took us 8 hours in the water because the river water level was too low, we used to make it in 5 or 6 hours.

We started to move in the water at 2 pm and we arrived in Gosen at 10. pm.

but God was with us all the time, so I can say that God is Good all the Time.

Thursday February 3, 2022

We started our trip to a new Community Call Guarunta Mountain.

There is one family who believe the message, and they want to see if there is any body who can believe the message too.

In this mountain each house it is a mile or two away from each other, some of the neighbors.

Thursday night, February 3, 2022

We did have our first service in Brother Noel´s house, some of the neighbors came to the service.

The Couple on the fourth photo # 193550 the brother on green shirt and the lady on white and green top they asked for prayer because they want to serve the Lord.

Friday Morning February 4, 2022

We went out to visit some of the neighbors, and we found a family there who asked us to have a Service in their front yard.

This is the service we had in the neighbor´s house.

They enjoy the preaching of the Word, the man of the house came to the front to asked for prayer because he want to serve the Lord.

Thursday February 3, evening.

We had another service in other house in Guarunta mountain.

The Lord gave us grace before the people there, and they allowed us to preach the Word.

And now there is a brother from Gosen coming to visit them to preach the Gospel up there.

Here we are going Back to Gosen from Guarunta Mountain.

I Gosen we had two services Sunday morning and Sunday evening.

This group of believer are still pressing on even dough that they still don´t have a pastor.

They really appreciate the help we are for them, and they asked us please to come back to feed them the Bread of Life. Please continue praying for then.

That´s brother Eli Acosta on red shirt, preaching in Gosen´s church, Sunday night February 5.

I want to ask you to pray for brother Misael Andino Mradel.

look like he is going take over this church in Gosen in a near future, He has been a great help for them, for now he only play the tapes for them, and he also lead the songs.

Monday February 7.

We Fly from Wuampusirpe into Puerto Lempira.

On this little 5 passenger Light aircraft. It´s about 25 minutes flight.

Monday February 7.

was Sister Suyapa Calix my wife´s birthday.

And some of the believers in Puerto Lempira prepared a birthday surprise for Her.

I Like to say that my wife was willing to sacrifice her Birthday and Wedding Anniversary during this trip we had this two specials dates.

February 15 was Our 30th anniversary.

Tuesday February 8

My wife is singing a special song in Puerto Lempira´s Tabernacle.

She is also preaching with her testimony, and She also is a great Support for my ministry.

We also were able to provide bibles for the believers who did not have one.

This is the Church where brother Rafael Blackhouse is Pastoring.

Wednesday February 9.

We moved our stuff to the Caratasca Lagoon to take our boat to go to Tikiraya.

Gasoline, groceries, and our Luggage.

Wednesday February 9.

Traveling into Tikiraya, through Caratasca Lagoon.

Brother Blackhouse is our Captain in the Water.

That trip was 8 hours ride.

We arrived in Tikiraya.

some of the people were waiting for us.

Lot kids were happy to see us there.

we always share some candy with them.

Wednesday February 9

Here we are having our first service in Tikiraya in Brother Paulino Bosen´s House front Yard

Some of the neighbor came to the service.

Wednesday February 9.

The First Service we had at 6 Pm.

Brother Paulino Bosen and his wife gave their heart to the Lord.

From the right to the left Brother Paulino is on white shirt, and next to him is his wife on black dress.

Then continue Sister Magnisia and her Husband Pablito Bosen, He is from Tikiraya, but he was living in Puerto Lempira attending church with Brother Blackhouse, But few month back he started to have the Burden in his heart for his people finally He moved back into his town.

He started to talk to the People about the message and then they want us to come to preach there, now brother Pablito is oversees the little work there.

We bought some material so they can build a shelter so they can start to have service to worship God.

And the Sister next to Plablito also gave her heart to the Lord.


The Sister with the Baby on her lap, she came running to the place where we were, and she was crying with her baby on her arms, she said my baby is dead my baby is dead, and we started to see if the baby have any signal of Life in him.

And there was not signal of Life at all, and we started to pray for the Baby and The Lord gave him his Life Back.

He is the same Yesterday today and forever.

And the Brother standing by him self is brother Pablito, who is going to be in charge of the work of the Lord there.

Thursday February 10 Night service.

We had another wonderful time in the Lord testifying about the Real Gospel of The end Time.

The Lord sent another big group of people to be in the service including two denominational Pastor.

Brother Eli Acosta preached a wonderful sermon that night, and one of the Pastors came to the front for prayer he said that he want to know more about the Word of God.

Friday February11

Friday night we had another service and again one of the Pastors came back to be with us in service again.

He is the one who is curious about to know more of the Word.

The Brother on blue shirt is the Pastor asked us for prayer, and the sister with the pastor in the photo she gave her heart to the Lord. She is not the pastor wife.

Please pray for this work in Tikiraya, This is the first time we came after 3 years back that we were here.

We like to continue visiting this place to see if the Lord Have any more children here.

Saturday February 12

We started our trip Lisagny Pura.

in the way we were able to see some monkeys.

part of the way we use the boat through a River and then we walked about 30 minutes to get to brother Nolberto´s house the Pastor in Lisagny Pura.

We were very tired when we arrived in Brother Nolbert0´s house, so we used our Hammocks to rest little bit.

We also talked to this young boy who came to see us to hear about the Lord, and we also gave him a bible, in the following services he gave his heart to the Lord.

And the other photo is The Pastor Nolberto with his two daughters they also didn’t have a bible and we gave to each of then a bible.

Saturday February 12

The first service in Lisagny Pura Saturday Night.

The believers came to worship the Lord.

and we also had a new family Husband, Wife, a Daughter and the boy to whom we gave the bible, they all came to the Lord.

Brother Eli Acosta is preaching with brother Blachkhouse interpreting.

they gave their heart to the Lord in Lisagny Pura.

Brother Nolberto The Pastor in Lisagni Pura and his family having Supper, there is not such thing as chairs or dining table.

My Wife Sister Suyapais also having her dinner sitting on the floor.

Sunday February 13 morning service.

Lisagny Pura.

All this people were needing pray for different needs,

Baptism in Lisagny Pura.

Sunday afternoon

Pastor Nolberto´s Daughter 14 years old desired to get Baptized in Water in the Name of the Lord Jesus

Sunday night service

Brother Blackhouse preached the Last service Sunday night.

the Lord really move in the service, some people were touched by the spirit and came to altar for prayer.

Lisagni Pura

Sunday night after the service, Sister Suyapa my Wife took some photos with the sisters of the church,

and Brother Nolberto, Brother Blackhouse and Brother Eli Acosta were having Dinner after service.

Monday February 14.

We walked back to the river to get back on our boat to leave into Kaurkira

Monday February 14

Night Service in Kaurkira, in this town there is only three believers, brother Virgilio Rosales His wife and their son.

but they are pressing on standing for the word by their self, even dough that the denominational pastors they come to see them to invite them back to the system but would not go back there.

some other people came to be in service with us.

Wednesday February 16.

We went Back to Puerto Lempira, from Kaurkira.

Wednesday February 16

We had a evangelistic service in Brother Jose´s house.

Few of the Believers renewed their vows.

Brother Eli Acosta Preached.

Thursday February 17

We had our Last service of the trip in Puerto Lempira´s Tabernacle.

This church is growing spiritual, we make an altar call in case some one want to receive Christ in their Heart.

And by the grace of God there was a sister who had advanced womb cancer, she gave her heart to the Lord and she passed away two weeks later, she is the Sister in the photo on white top next to the brother standing with the little boy and the sister on black dress.

She came to the Lord Right on time.

Dear saints of God.

Pastor Chris Maritz and LWF Church.

I want to say that I am so thankful with our Lord Jesus Christ for the great sacrifice he made on Calvary, for the Lost Souls, I was save by that sacrifice and he has put the burden in my heart to reach some one for the Lord Jesus.

Even though that we don´t see lot people accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, that do not discourage me to continue Looking for the Last one, I would love to find him as soon is possible to accomplish the work that need to be done, and then we can go to the Lamb marriage Supper.

Thank you so much Pastor Maritz and LWF church for your great heart you all have to support the Missionary Work.

I will never be able to do what I do by my self, but if we continue putting our effort, we can find the Last one together.

Your Brother In Christ: Jose Francisco Calix Diaz.

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