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2021-10 Honduras Mission Report

Greetings to our Dear Pastor Maritz and Congregation.

It's an honor for} me to Share this humble testimony about the work of the Lord Jesus Christ in Central América Jungle.

This Little Church is in Jamasquire Hill, Olancho, Honduras.

They do not have a Pastor, their former Pastor passed away few years back and right now brother Ely is helping them while the Lord raise some body to take over the Church.

We started our Missionary trip There.

And the Lord blessed the people in that Little Church. The Young man behind the púlpito is brother Ely Acosta.

Saturday September 4.

We travel to another Commnunity call Dulce Nombre de Culmi, Olancho, Honduras.

Pastor Malgarito Zuniga, saturday Noght we did have a evangelistic service in a neighborehood there in a believer house.

And the Lord save a 38 years old man.

Sunday Morning September 5

I preached for Brother Margarito´s Church The Pastor were Happy to have us there and the Congragetion also were rejoicing with the Word.

Sunday Morning September 5.

I was privileged to dedicate Brother Ely Acosta´s Little Girl, my coworker in the Jungle, and another believers baby too.

And at the end of the service I prayed for the Sicks.

The Lord gave us a great time in the Word and fellowship with the Saints there.

Monday September 6.

We started our way into the Jungle, From Olancho into Arena Blanca through Patuca River.

WE used a Pick up truck for 4 hours to go to the River and then we get in the Boat for 5 Hours to get to Arena Blanca to visit Pastor Carmen Castillo and his little Church.

We were Happy to be able to support Brother Carmen Ministry and his little group, because they are so fare away from civilization and not to many ministers cometo visit him.

They sent greetings to all of you.

Wednesday September 8.

We moved Down the River into Gosen Church.

We find Sister Chunga Moradel unable to walk, because she slips and hit her hip on the floor.

We prayed for Her and few days later she was walking again.

We also Baptized two young Believers.

And in this Church During the Services two young sister gave their Hearts to the Lord too.

The Church in Gosen.

The Lord Gave us a great time with the saints in Gosen.

As you know they have a Pastor yet, they are praying for one, and they are asking to your Church to pray for them so the Lord send them a Pastor.

Saturday September 9.

We travel flew into Puerto Lempira wher Brother Rafael Blackhouse is Pastoring, and he also is Our interpreter.

We are Flying in a little 5 Passengers Air plane From Gosen into Puerto Lempira.

Sunday Morning September 10.

We started to Share the Word with the Believers in Puerto Lempira.

I did the teaching in the Morning and brother Ely preached in the afternoon.

There is a group of believers walking in the Word, Brother Blackhouse is doing a good Job there.

I also want to said that Brother Ely has been doing a very good Job in the Missionary Work.

And The Sisters in the Jungle are very glad to have my Wife in Fellowship with them, She has been a blessing there by giving testimony in the way of How to dress up as a Christian Lady.