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2020-09 Translation Work

We are sending funds to help with Bro Barry’s Mission.

Here is an email from Bro Barry giving a brief outline of the work.

You can find out more on their church website.

“We have taken on the responsibility of doing large scale printing for Believers world wide and it has been a blessing. We are able to print in every language, any where, and it is all free to the Believers, and with great quality. We are now finishing 6 books for Zambia (in the Bemba language: Seals, Church Ages, 70 Weeks, Adoption, Prophet Visits South Africa and Man Sent from God.) There has never been anything printed in the Bemba language before, and the Believers there are overjoyed.”

The ministry in these countries are really thrilled to be finally getting books again, books that have been revised (improved) in their translation and have long been out of print. They are excited to see them coming. So much so, that when they get them in their hands, they immediately send new manuscripts and they want more. The books for many Believers are necessary, especially for new Believers and there are many new Believers in these countries.

I have a large order pending for the Philippines, the Seals and Church Ages. They (the Philippine government) allow a one time shipping container in there and we are planning to do a larger printing order so we can get it all in at once. They have not had any printed materials for years and they are really excited. I have the manuscript now for the church Ages and they will have the Seals books to me in a week.”

- From Bro Barry Coffee.

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