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2020-07 Serbia Mission Report

From: Dragomir Despot To: Chris Maritz Subject: Report from Serbia.

With a small delay, we finished printing the book Seven Church Ages. We were a little late because of the corona crisis during the crisis the printing houses did not work. Now that work is done and I want to thank you once again, Brother Cris, and your community for the finances that have enabled us to do this important work.

…we have very good results. So far, we have printed 500 books from seven church ages. Recently, since the beginning of the Kovid crisis, we have baptized 12 new believers in the name of the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately we have to give up this year’s camp. We wanted to call you but the corona virus put it all off. Here are some photos from the baptism on the Danube. Greetings once again and thanks to all believers. May God bless your fellowship.

Dragomir Despot

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