2018-10 Honduras Mission Report

October, 12 to 26, 2018.

Missionarries: Jose Francisco Calix Diaz. And Rafael Blackhouse.

Places where we are working:

Puerto Lempira. Lisagny Pura, and the new place call Baykan.

First I want to said that I am so thankfull with our Lord Jesus Christ for His Mercy and Grace That He has for us, To allowed us to work for his Kingdom.

To me it´s a great privilege to be part of the workers of the Lord Jesus. And to be connected with so special people Like Pastor Christ Maritz and the flock that God has put under his ministry to feed them with the Revial Word of the Hour, this glorious mesaage.

I want to thank you all, for the Great support you has been able to give to the missionary work in the Jungle of Honduras, because I am here in honduras and I am willing to do the work, but this work it´s not possible to do it with out prayer warriers and financial support.

I do not take this great healp as a common healp, to me this healp, it´s a blessing from heaven through you as a group of believer of this great message.

We are here praying that God increase your financial income and the desire to continue supporting this work of God, (LOOKING FOR THE LAST ELECTED ONE)

I can see that everything it´s point to the coming of the Lord, I can feel it, because the devil it´s pulling everything he has in hell, to put it in the way to hinder the work of the Lord.

W e are working against, Religion, witchcraft, customs of the tribes, and financial needs.

But with the healp of the Lord, if we remain working together, we can accomplish the task that God has call us to do.

Coming up next, my missionary report.

Friday, October 12, 2018.

The Pastor of the church in La Ceiba City, Brother Fabian Orellana, invited me to preach for him, being that I was not able to travel to Puerto Lempira that day.

And the Lord did bless us with the Word with a evangelistic service.

3 Sisters came to the altar to rededicate their Life to Christ.

The Pastor were very please with the results.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I traveled to Puerto Lempira.

6 PM we had a evengelistic Home service, in one of the neighborhood in Puerto Lempira.

At Brother Hitler Bocaro Home, He used to be in a baptist church, And by the grace of God Brother Hitler and his 18 years old son Hitler Junior accepted the revial Word.

SUNDAY, October 14, 2018

Sunday 9 AM. Service in the tabernacle, preacing, mostly teaching of the Word, to get ready for the coming of the Lord.

1 person accepted the Lord in his heart as his savior.

5 person came to the altar to rededicated their Life to Christ.

And I dedicated one baby girl to the Lord.

Sunday 2: pm

Baptism of Brother Hitler Bacaro, the brother that used to be in the baptist church.

Sunday 6 PM.

Preaching in the Tabernacle of Puerto Lempira, Hebrews 8:13.

That Jesus is our savior and our healer, and we had prayed for the sick people and diferents matters.

Monday, October 15, 2018.

We travel to Lisagny Pura, and we had the first service at 6: PM

2 People answer to the altar call, to rededicate their life to Christ.

Tuesday October 16, 2018.

Evangelistic service in Lisagny church. Lot people came to hear the Word.

W e have been sowing the Word, we hope that we will have a harvest one day.

Wednesday October 17, 2018.

We traveled to Baykam, through the river with the Teacher of the community, brother Hitler.

6 PM. We had the first service.